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At Vanka Café, we pride ourselves on a big selection that is sure to satisfy any taste. Sampling our delicious food will remind you about all the comforts of home.

Become part of our family...

Whether it is just for a quick lunch, a casual dinner with friends, or a special occasion... at Vanka Café we are always ready to welcome you.

For special occasions, choose from three separate banquet menus or come to the Café in advance and let us customize a menu to fit your needs.

$25, $50, and $100 Gift Cards are now AVAILABLE!!!

Vanka Cafe
3810 Nostrand Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11235


Open Daily: 
Monday - Thursday 11am - 11pm 
Friday and Saturday 11am - 12am 
Sunday 11am - 11pm 

Free Delivery ($15 minimum purchase)
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